Edvisors PhD

This research concerns the role and value of people working as Academic Developers, Learning/Instructional Designers, Educational Technologists and in similar roles in Higher Education in Australia. Collectively, I refer to people in these roles as edvisors – educator/advisors.

While edvisors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the work they do, edvisor roles are frequently undervalued and misunderstood. This research aims to better understand why this is and what actions might be taken to improve this situation, so that edvisors can work more effectively with academics and institutional leaders.

The core research questions are:

What strategies are used in HE to promote understanding of the roles and value of edvisors among academic staff, and more broadly within the institution?

How do edvisors see their role and value in Higher Education institutions?

How are edvisor roles understood and valued by academics and HE management?

Which among these strategies are the most effective and why?

I started this research in 2016 at the University of Sydney, Australia.


Professor Kalervo Gulson (Chief Investigator)

Professor Lina Markauskaite

Dr Jessica Frawley

Professor Peter Goodyear (Retired Chief Investigator)

University of Sydney Human Ethics Research project 2019/895