ASCILITE2021 Conference Day 1 – notes on the fly. (Now with my presentation)

Opening keynote – Prof Sarah Pearson, Uni of Queensland

Oh joy – we are looking at Education Technology through the lens of venture capital.

Oh – not even ed tech from what I can see.

Holistic ecosystems – probably the most valuable part of the session.

Oh Jesus Christ – someone refers to themself as a Netflix for education. (I am pretty sure I have heard the same thing from senior leaders – now I know where that came from, I guess)

There’s some other stuff about needing more women in STEM – sure, obviously.

A systematic approach to learning design for supervisor training in a specialist medical college – Jorge Reyna, Santosh Khanal, Victoria Baker-Smith and Ellen Cooper

Common issues coming up – resistance from educators to spending time in actually working on their learning design

That session finished and I’m just jumping from one session to the next like I’m flicking through tv channels.

Ok, so this presenter of a short paper has 80 slides and is showing them in Presenter view. Bless.

Powerpoint slides with text about insitutional claims

I like that he has a bow tie

I haven’t completely tuned into this but I think I need to read this paper.
Benchmarking educational quality – an independent analysis and alternative approach – Stanislaw Paul Maj

One session to go now before mine – feeling nervous

Implementing Learning Analytics: The Journey To Improve Teaching and Learning at five Australian Universities – Jo-Anne Clark and David Tuffley

Factors associated with edvisor perceptions of their work being understood and valued are not what they seem – Colin Simpson and Jessica Frawley

Huh, that title actually is kind of clunky. I wanted to have a Twin Peaks reference. I should probably listen to people more. 🙂

Ok, me now.

Ok, I got through that – I have a VERY unacademic style – but folksy?

Managing Career Transitions into post-secondary Learning Designer Jobs: An Australasian Perspective – Michael Sankey and Jack Sage

(This is kind of a reboot of the webinar they ran for us last week)

I have my doubts about this next session but lets see how we go

Well, the TELedvisors Network hosted a group to identify technology themes. We agreed that “Increased use of learning technologies” is so vague as to be ridiculous. And also, just, duh.

And that’s a wrap for day 1