Tired of students playing on their phones in class?

Maybe you should get them playing on their phones in class then. I ran a small session this morning with some of our teachers from Accounting and Law about Kahoot – a great free online […]

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Location based augmented reality running in a standard web browser with no additional plugins. Impressive. Visit the site

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Kahoot! – handy online quiz activity builder supporting mobile access in class Kahoot is a very simple but highly interactive online tool that enables teachers to create quizzes (or survey questions) that students are able to access via mobile devices. It takes a fairly gamified approach […]

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Where is this QR Code taking me? This post from the always interesting Elon University Instructional and Campus Technologies team gives me all manner of wicked ideas about misusing QR codes. (Not for nasty things, just for gentle mischief) Best tip […]

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