Clicks on the ASCILITE papers from the CMM column

This is just a quick supplementary post to the last “must reads” ones. Stephen Matchett, the publisher of the CMM newsletter is kind enough to provide me with data on click-throughs from the email each week.

As of Saturday 10th Dec, this is how many people had followed the links to ASCILITE papers that I included in last week’s column. There was no information other than the title, so this represents a combination of interest in the subject matter and the power of a catchy title. (There is a small tail-off as people progress down the list but the second most read paper is right near the bottom)

Scale-up of the Artisans: Creating practices, systems & tools for a team of learning designers  Tim Klapdor87
Developing a micro-credential for Learning Designers: A Delphi Study  Kathryn MacCallum Cheryl Brown124
Online Assessment in Australian University Business Schools: A Snapshot of Usage and Challenges Andrew Cram et al85
Quasi-synchronous discussions: A proposal to measure the effect of Teams on cooperation, belonging, emotion and interactionsAdrian Norman et al61
How can EdTech support graduate employability?Kirsty Kitto71
Defining a next-generation ecosystem for online learning: from changing the platform to shifting the paradigm Sarah Thorneycroft61
Challenges in deploying educational technologies for tertiary education in the carceral setting: Reconnecting or connecting? Helen Farley34
Technology’s Role in Inclusive Work-Integrated Learning for Students with a DisabilityMollie Dollinger et al58
The impact of an anatomy and physiology open textbook on student satisfaction and engagement in a regional Australian universityAnna Chruscik et al74
‘Made good connections’: Amplifying teacher presence and belonging at scale through learning design and personalised feedback Lisa-Angelique Lim et al79
Learning from ‘failures’ in the development of mobile and technology-enhanced learning initiativesElisa Bone29
Bridging education to employment through virtual experience placement Sabina Cerimagic et al45
Diverse definitions of engagement: Personalised learning analytics to support staff and studentsAlix Thoeming et al65
Educational Designer social influence: changing teaching and learning practiceIngrid D’Souza et al65
Developing feedback literacy capabilities through an AI automated feedback toolLaura Tubino, Chie Adachi69
‘As long as you use the template’: fostering creativity in a pedagogic model Barbara McFarlan, Jo Hook105
Re/Connecting university teachers with digital teaching tools for “jobs to be done”Meg Colasante et al65
Calendar Connections Wendy Taleo53