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Ed tech must reads: column #61

First published in Campus Morning Mail 22nd Nov 2022

10 Pedagogical innovations from Business School Professors around the world from Business Education Innovations

While there are often specific practices or pedagogies that are more relevant to teaching in one discipline over another, in my experience there are far more universalities relevant to all disciplines. This report outlines 10 case studies of innovation in teaching business, with what looks like a strong focus on authentic learning and simulations, and is well worth a look for any educator wondering what is going on right now.

Student partners as co-contributors in research: a collective autoethnographic account from HERD

Bubbling away under the surface of Australian Higher Ed, we have long had a movement dedicated to democratising learning by bringing students into the process in a meaningful way. This recent paper from some of the shining lights in this space discusses experiences and challenges in the next step – engaging students in collaborative research. (Maybe there are also lessons to be applied to working with Third Space education workers in similar ways)

The Power of Portfolios: Evidence-based Assessment Design for Lifelong and Life-wide Learning: Webinar from Open Learning Fri 2nd Dec 12:45 AEDT

As Higher Ed continues to emphasise the importance of authentic learning experiences and workplace skills, ePortfolios continue to offer a rich yet underused platform to support this. This workshop from Beverley Miles as part of the free OpenLearning Forums 2022 promises a dive into creating meaningful assessment with this tool.

Make-A-Video from Meta AI

It seems only natural that as the AI generated art movement has exploded, it would move into ‘video’. (By video I would say it looks much more like animated GIFs than Citizen Kane but baby steps). Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is releasing a tool to support the creation of video from text and this site showcases some examples and associated papers. Sign-up for the beta program has closed though.

How Kepler Invented Science Fiction and Defended His Mother in a Witchcraft Trial While Revolutionizing Our Understanding of the Universe from The Marginalian

In some ways this read feels like a stretch for this column, but at its heart is the idea of using stories to teach complex new ideas in a yin yang blending of STEM and HASS. This entertaining read takes you on a wild journey across astronomy, 17th Century politics, helio-centrism and witchcraft in making a credible case that Johannes Kepler actually wrote the first science fiction book.

Are you the ultimate LMS designer? From ASCILITE TELedvisors Network

If you are going to the ASCILITE 2022 conference (or know someone going) and fancy yourself a dab hand with the LMS, you might consider this fun design challenge that is part of the Battle of the LMS event. Entries close Tuesday 29th.