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Lonely Galaxy Lost in Space

Thoughts on: Optimising the Potential of Third Space Professionals in Higher Education (Whitchurch, 2010)

2010 was a bit of a banner year for Celia Whitchurch as we continue this journey following the development of her work on the Third Space (3S) in Higher Education. (I write Third Space way […]

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Take two – New thoughts on Shifting Identities and Blurring Boundaries: the Emergence of Third Space Professionals in UK Higher Education (Whitchurch, 2008)

I find myself returning to what might be considered the source for discussion of ‘third space’ workers in Higher Education after first exploring it 7 years ago in this post. (As it happens, earlier today […]

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Ed tech must reads: column #47

First published in Campus Morning Mail, 9th August 2022 Raising student engagement using digital nudges tailored to students’ motivation and perceived ability levels from the British Journal of Educational Technology Using ‘nudges’ to influence behaviour […]

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