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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry | Now Enrolling


Now this is a MOOC that I approve of – study seven courses (9 lessons each) at Hogwarts online.

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Handy free tool that lets users easily create simple images suitable for Open Badges
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English Raven: Moodle Tutorial: Page design to avoid the ‘scroll of death’…


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How to Moderate a Forum » Laurel Papworth @SilkCharm


A very practical and informative guide to effectively running and moderating an online community from someone with a lot of experience in the field.

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Kahoot! – handy online quiz activity builder supporting mobile access in class


Kahoot is a very simple but highly interactive online tool that enables teachers to create quizzes (or survey questions) that students are able to access via mobile devices. It takes a fairly gamified approach with time limits for responses to questions, points for faster responses and leaderboards

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Mooc creators criticise courses’ lack of creativity | News | Times Higher Education


Stephen Downes pulls few punches as he discusses how the current iteration of the MOOC is far removed from the original ideas behind it.

This has also been a concern of mine – the much touted innovation seems like anything but. While I remain unconvinced of the strengths of the connectivist model – at the very least for my preferred learning style – the original form of the MOOC was very much about embracing a substantially different learning paradigm than we see today.

Among other things, he says “I think they are marvels of marketing and of the naivety of venture capitalists. Looking at the platforms from a technological point of view, I see virtually nothing innovative. These courses [reach] 100,000 or more people, but use video lectures and old-style threaded discussion lists. The idea of Moocs as an experiment in pedagogy and educational organisation has been completely abandoned by the new platforms, to the detriment of Moocs.”

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Technology-enhanced learning – workloads and costs | The Weblog of (a) David Jones


A sensible overview of long overdue research into the real costs (time and money) for teachers developing and delivering eLearning. The number one issue that our teachers raise with me is that they would like to do more with eLearning but don’t get the time to do it. While this research is incomplete – in that it doesn’t come up with solid figures – the fact that people are on the same page is encouraging.

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MOOC Discussion Forums: barrier to engagement? |e-Literate


I’ve often felt daunted by the volume of posts and chaotic nature of discussion forums in MOOCs – glad to see that I’m not the only one. Interesting that posters tend to be higher achievers though.

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Best Practices: Effective Use of Fonts in Online Course Design | Diigo


Some interesting points about legibility and readability of font-types (serif vs sans serif) for online learning. I’d always been lead to believe that serif based fonts were better in printed material and sans serif for screen. Turns out I was right in some ways and less right in others.

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Using forums in MOOCs


Some well thought out ideas about the issues surrounding the use of forums in MOOCs – what happens when there are hundreds of pages of posts on the first day or subject experts dominate discussions?

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