Ed tech must reads: column #62

First published in Campus Morning Mail 29th Nov 2022 What has been the biggest change or evolution of your digital learning ecosystem in the last 18 months? from Twitter It’s an understatement to say that […]

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Ed Tech must reads – Column 7

First published in Campus Morning Mail 28th Sept 2021 How Dx Powers the Post-Pandemic Institution from Educause    We started with UX (User Experience), moved on to LX (Learner Experience), and now the ed tech […]

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Best Practices: Effective Use of Fonts in Online Course Design | Diigo

http://www.moodlerooms.com/resources/blog/best-practices-effective-use-fonts-online-course-design Some interesting points about legibility and readability of font-types (serif vs sans serif) for online learning. I’d always been lead to believe that serif based fonts were better in printed material and sans serif […]

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