Ed tech must reads: column #59

First published in Campus Morning Mail 8th Nov 2022 Suggestions on dealing with AI-generated papers that don’t get flagged by plagiarism-checking software from Twitter Umar Ruhi (@Informatician) raises the question that won’t go away in […]

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Research update #50: Thesis proposal feedback day

I got some rich, detailed feedback on my thesis proposal from Peter. Given that this was firmly entrenched in my mind as a first draft, I was prepared for the worst – I think – […]

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Thoughts on: The Dynamics of Social Practice; Chapter 6 Circuits of Reproduction (Shove et al, 2012)

This chapter seemed to take forever to work through, possibly because a bit of life stuff came up in the interim but it’s also at the more complex end of the discussion. It concludes the […]

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More thoughts on: “Digital is not the future – Hacking the institution from the inside” – Technology, practical solutions and further questions

Previously on I’ve been participating in an online “hack” looking at “Digital is not the future – Hacking the institution from the inside” with a number of other education designers/technologists. It’s been pretty great. […]

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Week 3 of the 11.133x MOOC – On fire

In comparison to last week, I ploughed through this weeks’ work. Probably because I have a separate education tech training event on this week – the ACODE Learning Technology Teaching Institute – and wanted to […]

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Week 2 of the 11.133x MOOC – getting things done. (Gradually)

The second week (well fortnight really) of the 11.133x MOOC moved us on to developing some resources that will help us to evaluate education technology and make a selection. Because I’m applying this to an actual […]

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